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Pantene's New Face Tuba Büyüküstün

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"Lamees" reveals the secret of her beauty

Pantene announced their new ambassador by the selection of the turkish actress Tuba Buyukustun (Lamess and Asi), to be the new face of the brand in the Middle East and North Africa.

The administration of the Company and expressed her delight and pride to cooperate with the Turkish actress and said that "Tuba is one of the respectable figures in the region, not only for its beauty and talent, but also for its belief in the internal and external beauty, which reflects perfectly the philosophy of Pantene.

Tuba’s carrier is amazing so far since she has acted in about 10 series, the latest was ASI with the actor Murat Yıldırım, which has been broadcasted on MBC, and is now shown on 2M channel. She has starred as well in the series “the lost years IA”, which is being shown again now on the Moroccan second channel “2M”. And she is currently in the process of preparing a new series called "Gonülçelen" coming Soon on the screen. And now, the new commercial of the star is being presented on all Arab television screens, including the Moroccan channels TVM (the first) and 2M (the second).

In this fast interview, the Turkish artist reveals the secret of her beauty ...

What are your hobbies?
Acting is my first hobby. In addition, during my spare time, I like drawing, dancing, travelling and cooking.

What is the meaning of beauty in women’s life in Turkey and the Arab world?
Woman's beauty is the beauty of her soul, which is reflected positively on the outer beauty. And this applies not only to Arabic and Turkish women, but to all women in the world.

What are in you opinion, the most important aspects in woman’s beauty, the hair, the face or the clothes?
“My feeling of my beauty” is a feeling that is changing over the days. Sometimes, I can feel I'm beautiful because of a dress I am wearing or the makeup I am putting on or the jewelry I have chosen. But the most important thing for me is my hair, if it had not been done the way I want, I would not feel that I am beautiful whatever I did.

How did you manage to maintain this healthy appearance and this wonderful hair?
Because I am always in front of the cameras, my hair is permanently exposed to the hair dryer and the thermal styling machines. That is why I treat my hair and I use the care products whenever I can. In the holidays, I prefer a natural look, and I let my hair have a rest from the damages, which it faced during my work.

Why Pantene?
Pantene is a leading brand in the world of beauty, and this is very important for me. And it is also a genuine sign which believes in the internal and external woman’s beauty . And, more importantly, it is continuously developing its to provide us with the latest innovative technology at the global level.

Who do you consult when it comes to your hair?
I relied heavily on the opinion of my hair stylist because of his extensive knowledge and vast experience in this field.

What is your favourite hair care product?
There are many good products, but I always look for the latest in the market. I do not have much time to take care of my hair, so I need a quick solution which gives me the benefits of natural products. My favourite product currently is “a cream substitute for oil” from Pantene, it feeds my hair and makes it softer and stronger. I use it easily, I do my hair as I want, and I'm ready to get out.

And why do you prefer the "cream substitute for oil"?
I think that the hair in our time can be easily damaged due to many factors (styling machines, hair dryers, temperature, humidity, pollution, etc.), and for this I believe that today's problems need today’ solutions. This is why I chose the “cream substitute for oil“ from Pantene, because it contains the latest techniques that protect my hair against these factors.

What is your own perception about the use of natural oils for hair?
Taking care of my hair is very important. And I think that the natural oils are useful, but their use requires considerable time and effort. I tend to look for easy and convenient ways to take care of my hair. After I have tested the “cream substitute for oil” from Pantene, I am convinced that it is the beauty product, which I can not do without it. It's easy to use, and gives you all the benefits, which needs your hair, without the burden of preparation, and without patches of natural oils.

[/b]What are your future plans? A new series and cinema and so on?
I have filmed a new movie in last September, in the eastern Black Sea and it has been shown for the first time in March this year in Turkey. I am currently filming a new series called ”Gonülçelen”. And I hope it will have a great success in the Arab countries like the series lost years “Ihlamurlar Altinda" and "Asi".

Source: Nessma Magazin (Morocco)


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